Woman in Black movie poem. Susan Hill, Justin Evett.

Woman in Black. Creepy sad longing poem.

During afternoon tea
There’s a shift in the air
A bone-trembling chill
That tells you she’s there
There are those who believe
The whole town is cursed
But the house on the marsh
Is by far the worst
Have you seen her?
The woman in black?
She once lost her boy and now shes come back
Our parents all worry
they make such a fuss
For if she cant find him
she’ll take one of us


Another The Woman in Black poem:

She walks down the stairs
dressed in all black,
to the thought of a memory
she hopes to bring back.

The band starts to play
and the floor starts to dance,
the song sounds familiar
as they slip into a trance.

The lights begin to dim
as the candle fire lights,
every one waits
for the slowly approaching night.
She spoke of one word
then the house became his tomb,
he fell to his death
along with the entire room.

Justin Evett


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