The Old Woman under the World, told by Angela Sidney. #LifeLivedLikeaStory #nativelivesmatter

The Old Woman under the World.

There are two old ladies down below who look after the world.
One is supposed to be sleeping;
The other one holds up the earth with a pole.
When she shakes it, that’s when there’s supposed to be an earthquake.
That old lady there with the pole is supposed to be Death.
She always argues– She’s the one who always says, “let people sleep for good when they go to sleep.
Let them die.”

That Death Woman wants to kill people before their time.

But Sleep Woman says,
Can’t you see how my boss put a good pillow for me to sleep on?
And you want me to let her go to sleep for good?
No. No—I won’t do that.
Those old ladies—
One is Sleep Woman, the other is Death Woman.

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