If my slumlord allowed pets- Amber Atiya


Second from right. Photo at http://amberatiya.tumblr.com


if my slumlord allowed pets

i’d adopt every
after hour paw
mauled in battle

trimmed with scabs
toppling trash
for fries & wing tips

fur splattered
with egg foo young

these streets
weren’t paved
for tenderness

a tabby’s pregnant belly
as a rain cloud

a swollen nimbus
grazing the ground

by Amber Atiya


Amber Atiya, a queer poet and native Brooklynite, has performed at the Nuyorican Poets Café, Theater for the New City, Westbeth Center for the Arts, and many elsewheres. Her poems have been published in Tribes MagazineDrunken Boat, and Coloring Book, an anthology of multicultural writers. She is a member of a women’s writing group, with whom she’s been writing for ten years and counting.

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