T. Ismail: “Birdsong song-of-the-fish”, Indonesian poet! Haiku like silence and sounds.

Birdsong song-of-the-fish

a lone voice

.               Pii
.               Wii

Tree beetle
Leaf turns red

Duck splashes about
And calls

.               Pii
.               Wii

Fish in a lake in the distance
A rush of water

Sky solidifies
Crystallized puddles

Bird hides itself
Even forrest is dead
Lost sound

.               Pii
.               Wii

Uit: Ik wil nog duizend jaar leven. Negen moderne Indonesische dichters. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam,1979. Poetry International Serie. Put together by Harry Aveling.

ONE book left in the Netherlands, antique and with nice prints: http://www.bol.com/nl/p/ik-wil-nog-duizend-jaar-leven/1001004005110174/

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